40: Two Euploid Embryos (PGT-A Results)

July 10, 2024

Meredith got her PGT-A test results a week early! Watch as she shares the news with family and friends, talks about next steps, and shares tips for maintaining sanity during the process. Frozen embryo implantation comes next…stay tuned.

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Whitney and Krystina have been on the show before! Check out the episode they had together (9: To Breed or Not To Breed) and Whitney’s solo episode (18: Whoop, Swoop, and Pull).

Items Mentioned in the Episode

Jujube’s Dr. BFF Bag in Black Catwalk (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Why have I been obsessed with this bag and I don’t even have a baby??

First of all, you need to know that I’m obsessed with bags. Some girls are shoe girls, some girls are purse girls – I’m a purse girl. But! It’s not just a form thing I’m really into the function of a bag, and that’s why this one has won my affection. It looks great and it’s great for organization.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons I Love the Dr. BFF bag by Jujube!

Convertible Bag

I need a bag that’s versatile! I love that this can be a backpack, a shoulder bag, or crossbody. Attach straps appropriately and it does what you need it to do.

I really love that the backpack straps totally remove, as well. A lot of convertible bags tend to expect you to shove wayward straps into a back pocket. Not the Dr. BFF!

Horizontal Layout

When I’m traveling, I hate digging down, down, down to the bottom of a backpack. The Dr. BFF has a horizontal layout, so

Apothecary Top

I adore the fact that this sucker is going to stay open when you need it to. I’ve changed quite a few diapers and know how tough is can be to handle a squirming little one while trying to reach and dig for something in a closed bag.

I think this system is genius!

Light Interior

All of Jujube’s bags seem to have light interiors, which is so helpful when you’re digging for something.

Is there anything worse than searching for a black item in a black bag with a black interior?

Trolley Strap

This is kind of a non-negotiable for bags that I use on-the-go. If I need to suddenly jet-off (it could happen!), I need to be able to drop my bag on a suitcase handle and wheel away.

Single Mother by Choice Communities

Looking for someone to celebrate PGT-A results with? There is the “official” Single Mothers by Choice group, but I haven’t participated in it. There is a membership fee.

I’ve really liked the community on Reddit. It’s not stuffy and is quite active.

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