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THE BACKUP PLAN follows my journey from choosing to have a baby on my own, deciding to go the IVF route, and into motherhood. 

The show features interviews with experts in the field, individuals that are going their own way and are proud of it, and Meredith’s latest conception updates. Ultimately, this show is about modern families.

THE BACKUP PLAN releases weekly on Wednesdays. The show premiered in August 2023 in the Top 10 Kids & Family podcasts on Apple Podcasts and frequently lands in the Top 5 Parenting and Kids & Family podcasts on Apple Podcasts in several countries.

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Let’s get down before I get knocked up! These early episodes will be evergreen, as new listeners will rewind the clock to see where I’ve been on my journey.


  • 1 Podcast Interview with Key Stakeholder
  • 3 Mid-Roll Ads (3 Episodes, 60 seconds, baked-in)
  • 1 Social Media Post (Instagram Reel/TikTok Video)

The Backup Plan's Audience

The majority of The Backup Plan’s listeners are from Los Angeles and New York. We aim to reach women in their late 30’s/early 40’s with disposable income who are independent, spunky, witty, and discerning.


North American


Women Listeners


Ages 35-44

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Listener Reviews on Apple Podcasts

Meredith was made for this! Her openness and wit are something to be admired.


Meredith provides a charismatic, candid, and honest experience on an alternative path to motherhood…If you are looking to become a parent on your own terms – this is the podcast for you!


So relatable – cannot wait for more to come. Just love you and your voice. What you have to say is important. Will be following along x


This is my new favorite podcast. Meredith is candid, witty, and inspiring. There is not enough representation for alternative paths to parenthood and I’m so thankful she’s sharing her journey with the world. I can’t wait to hear more.


I love love LOVE this podcast! Even though our conception journeys are/were so vastly different, it is so relatable…I can’t wait to continue to follow this journey and wish nothing for the best for her.

Kristen Auby Ferg

Love to see women carving their own path


I was addicted from the first podcast. Thank you for providing a much needed resource.


Such a great and fun listen. I don’t even want kids, but I love hearing Meredith’s story and guests on the show. As a millennial I feel like it makes you think about life, beliefs, and how we’re raised to believe life should go a certain way. Witty, intelligent, and fun!

Jess N soon to be M

Very refreshing and engaging. I can’t wait for more episodes.


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