25: Short but Sweet!

March 6, 2024

In this episode, Meredith quickly shares that she made it through Morton’s neuroma surgery! Prepping for IVF is imminent…



In college, my gay best friend and I joked that if we hadn’t found love by 40, we’d have a baby with each other. 20 years later. I’m pulling the ripcord. From deciding on solo motherhood to choosing IVF, I’m Meredith and this is THE BACKUP PLAN.


Hello, my fellow Backup Plan listeners! This is going to be short and sweet because I am convalescing. I had my foot surgery on Friday and it, I think, went well. I have only started walking today, which is Tuesday night. I am recording this very last minute. I got a little surgery booty and I’ve been able to kind of hop, hop, hop around the house a little bit.

It’s better. It’s a lot better than it was. There’s a lot of swelling and there’s a little bit of pain. There’s been some weird like nerve shooting pains, but I’ll tell you what’s cool about this is: last time I had foot surgery, it was like two years ago and it was like I was coming off of COVID. My dad had just died, there were some other family members that had died, my nephew was born with a heart condition. There were so many things that happened while I was recovering from the foot surgery, I got laid off. Everything just felt like pretty low. I just moved into this house too, and it needed a lot of work and I just did not know how all of it was going to be accomplished. I was at a really low point.

What’s really cool about this time around is, I feel like a lot of hope. This is the first step towards me achieving a lot of different goals getting more in shape and then, obviously, starting IVF next month. It’s the start of something new. I don’t feel as sad or upset. I don’t feel really sad or upset at all. I have a little bit of cabin fever, but now that I’m able to walk around the house, I don’t have to scoot on my little Knee Rover everywhere I go. I’m just feeling a lot better and I’m going to get out of the house this week for some events up in LA that I’m very excited about.

Yeah, things are just feeling better, but it is still difficult for me to go sit at my computer where I have my podcast set up, or get a camera and a light and everything put together. You are getting an iPhone voice note from me this week just to say tune in. Next week, hopefully, I’ll have a little bit more information about my start date.

If I go on my iPhone and take a look at, oh, actually I might be starting my period in the next two or three days, possibly even tomorrow. Once I have the period, then it’s just a week or two until ovulation and that’s when I start the IVF drugs. So, guys, we’re getting really close. This is great.

I ordered ice packs that are really little and round and they came with a belt, stretchy, a bandage thing that you can put around your waist to numb up where you do the hormone shots, or if you have a toothache, you can put it around your head. I just thought that would be really helpful to have.

I’m prepping, we’re getting ready, but this week really nothing exciting has happened besides the fact that I binge watched a show called Selling the Hamptons, which was not entertaining. What else have I been watching? I’ve been trying to find my new Housewives. I just binged all of Salt Lake City last month and I’m trying to figure out which one to get into next, because after living in the Vanderpump bubble since…it started, pretty much, I’m finally opening my horizons to other Bravo endeavors. So I think Miami maybe. I tried a little bit of Beverly Hills, just nothing stuck yet I just I really fell deep into the whole of everything Salt Lake City.

So anyway, that’s it.

Beyond that, yay. Congratulations to Lala Kent. A couple of weeks ago I posted and talked about the fact that I was really excited about her story about doing IUI in Cosmopolitan. But little did you know, she was actually already pregnant! I’m just really excited and we’ve been talking a lot about our similar situations and I can’t wait for my little Orca pod and her little Orca pod to swim the oceans together. It’s going to be great.

That’s it. I’m going to end it here. Thanks for listening to this quick little update. You’ll have something a little bit more substantial next week, and just pray that the swelling goes down on my foot, please. It’s actually not as bad. If I’m looking at it right now, it’s getting better guys.

All right, Thanks for listening, bye!


The Backup Plan is created, produced and hosted by me, Meredith Kate. Julian Hagins is my co-producer. You can find us on social media at backupplanpod. The best place to get updates is to sign up for our newsletter at backupplanpodcom, where we also post all episodes, show notes and transcripts. Thank you for listening.

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